Rainier Prep’s mission is to prepare all students to excel at four-year colleges and to become leaders in their communities. 

College Access

Access to a college degree is the single-most important factor in moving into the American middle class and fully participating in our democracy. While our nation’s public schools aspire to make college access possible, in reality, only 16% of children born to families who earn less than $56,000 per year currently earn a college degree. In contrast, 82% of those children born into families earning $108,000 or more earn a college degree. Rainier Prep will change these odds. 

Leadership Development

The challenges of the 21st-century require a new set of skills and approaches from its leaders. Rainier Prep believes in the inherent ability of our students to meet these challenges and provide leadership in a changing world. Our school model is specifically designed to prepare diverse students to lead in our community and beyond. 

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