At Rainier Prep, our goal is to prepare all students for college and leadership in their communities. Our daily schedule is designed specifically to meet these goals. As a Rainier Prep student, your day will have 5 distinct parts:


Each student will have a small group of peers and one teacher with whom they will meet daily to discuss academic progress and build community. This group will be your support system throughout your Rainier Prep years, and you will come to see them as your teammates and “family” on the pathway to college.


In core Reading, Writing and Math classes, each student will build skills necessary for success in college prep classes. Students will read great literature, write both analytical and personal compositions and build Math facts and problem solving skills which will ensure their successful Algebra completion by the end of 8th grade.


Students explore science daily through labs and experimentation. Essential topics in Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences assist students in becoming life-long learners who discover and grow in their understanding of the natural world. The course essentially teaches students how to refine their thinking with the addition of new scientific evidence via experimentation and data gathering.


The goal of Inquiry is to build excitement and self-discovery by completing “challenges” that test each student’s analysis and critical thinking skills in Science,  Engineering, Technology and Social Studies. Inquiry curriculum is designed to prepare all students to lead in the 21st-Century economy and to be active participants in their community. You will have multiple opportunities to make a movie, write a blog, design a website, program a robot, or build a rocket, among other high-interest challenges. This course uses Stanford University’s of Design. More information regarding can be found here.


Often offered as after-school activities in traditional schools, at Rainier Prep, all students will participate in sports, dance, music or the arts as a part of the school day. Enrichment activities are designed to allow students to explore their passions and develop parts of themselves that go beyond the classroom.


Rainier Prep is committed to preparing all students for the challenges of this new era. Technology and STEM are cornerstones of the culture we live in, so we will use technology and a STEM approach in all parts of the day at Rainier Prep! In today’s society, technology has transformed our way of thinking and how we learn. At Rainier Prep, you will use technology to learn, think, create and design. Your teachers will use technology to personalize lessons just for you.