Uniforms and a Dress Code help maintain a school culture of unity and academic excellence. Our students wear uniforms to make it easier for families, avoid the inevitable distractions and status distinctions caused by clothing and ensure that our students are focused on learning.



  • Solid colored navy, khaki, grey, or black pants, shorts, or skirts without logos or embellishments.
  • Solid colored white, grey, or navy polo shirt (short or long sleeved) without logos or embellishments.
  • Closed-toe shoes that can be worn for in-school sports activities. No sandals or heels.
  • Sweaters should be plain black, navy, grey, or white. Sweaters made from sweatshirt and/or fleece material will not be allowed inside the classroom.
  • Additional items (i.e. backpack, shirt with logo) may be added during the school year. (They will be optional.)

Dress Code 

  • If under-shirts can be seen underneath collared shirts the undershirt must be black, navy, khaki or white without patterns or logos.
  • Shorts should go to the knee.
  • Skirts and dresses should be to the knee or longer.
  • Shirts must be without logos and collared unless they are Rainier Prep spirit wear, which can be worn on Friday.
  • Uniform and hair accessories will be considered on a case by case basis (Belts, headbands, etc.)
  • Head scarves must be plain black, navy, khaki, grey, or white and without embellishment.
  • If socks or tights are visible they must be black, navy, khaki or white without patterns or logos.