At Rainier Prep, our goal is to prepare all students for college and leadership in their communities. Our daily schedule is designed specifically to meet these goals. As a Rainier Prep student, your day will have 5 distinct parts:


Each student has a small group of peers and one teacher with whom they will meet daily to discuss academic progress and build community. This advisory group is your support system throughout your Rainier Prep years, and you come to see them as your teammates and “family” on the pathway to college.


In core Reading, English Language Arts and Math classes, we build the skills necessary for success in college prep classes. Students read great literature, write both analytical and personal compositions and build Math facts fluency and problem solving skills which will culminate in their successful completion of Algebra I by the end of 8th grade.


Students explore science daily through labs and experimentation. Essential topics in Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences assist students in becoming life-long learners who discover and grow in their understanding of the natural world. The science courses teach students how to refine their thinking with the addition of new scientific evidence via experimentation and data gathering. Student learn the design cycle and complete engineering challenges.


Our 5th and 6th grade students participate in Health/Physical Education three days per week, while our 7th and 8th graders participate two days per week. We believe in the interconnectivity between the mind and the body. In this class, students work hard to improve their physical health and to develop their communication and collaboration skills.


Students learn about geography, economic, civics, history and government in their social studies classes. We focus on research skills as students learn about credible sources and how to ask good research questions as well as to take notes and build a historical analysis given a set of primary documents through projects and whole class discussions.


Often offered as after-school activities in traditional schools, at Rainier Prep, all students participate in sports, dance, music, languages or the arts as a part of the school day. Enrichment activities are designed to allow students to explore their passions and develop parts of themselves that go beyond the classroom.


Rainier Prep is committed to preparing all students for the challenges of this new era. Technology and STEM are cornerstones of the culture we live in, so we will use technology and a STEM approach in all parts of the day at Rainier Prep and all classes have Chromebooks for each student! In today’s society, technology has transformed our way of thinking and how we learn. At Rainier Prep, you use technology to learn, think, create and design.