2019-2020 Rainier Prep Staff Directory

To call staff: Please dial (206) 494-5979.  As soon as the welcome message begins dial the staff’s extension number.


Role E-Mail Extension
Andrade Nico Operations Manager nandrade@rainierprep.org 702
Hassan Kowsar Family Engagement Manager khassan@rainierprep.org 705
Hicke Scott Director of Development shicke@rainierprep.org 709
Hsiao Joan Chief Financial Officer jhsiao@rainierprep.org 731
Lobos Karen Director of Operations klobos@rainierprep.org 703
Fernandez Morgan Dean of Students mkrieger@rainierprep.org 707
McKey Heather English Language Coordinator hmckey@rainierprep.org 736
Mella Gisela Operations Coordinator gmella@rainierprep.org 722
Juarez Maria Kitchen Manager mjuarez@rainierprep.org TBD
TBD TBD Family Engagement Coordinator TBD TBD
O’Sullivan Maggie School Leader mosullivan@rainierprep.org 700

5th Grade

Role Rm # E-Mail Extension
Augustine Michael 5th Grade Social Studies 2 maugustine@rainierprep.org 715
Brosas Gabie 5th Grade Science 2 gbrosas@rainierprep.org 721
Flores Dino Learning Specialist 6 dflores@rainierprep.org 719
Gutierrez Renn 5th Grade Math 4 rgutierrez@rainierprep.org 711
Kehoe Lynnie 5th Grade ELA 6 lkehoe@rainierprep.org 718
Wheeler Sarah Physical Education 4 swheeler@rainierprep.org 733

6th Grade

Role Rm # E-Mail Extension
Ferris Krystel Student Support Specialist 7 kferris@rainierprep.org 704
Fikak Yonas Dean of School Culture 5 yfikak@rainierprep.org 727
Kim Junho Physical Education 3 jkim@rainierprep.org 729
Wattier Brianna 6th Grade ELA 5 bwattier@rainierprep.org 714
Weeks Flora 6th Grade Science 7 fweeks@rainierprep.org 713
Nguyen Minh 6th Grade Math 3 mnguyen@rainierprep.org 726

7th Grade

Role Rm # E-Mail Extension
Anderson Perry 7th Grade Science 1 panderson@rainierprep.org 725
Berner-Hays Rachel 7th Grade Social Studies 15 rbernerhays@rainierprep.org 728
Bromfield Michaela Student Support Teacher 8 mbromfield@rainierprep.org 730
Fleming David 7th Grade Math 8 dfleming@rainierprep.org 710
Makhlyagina Mash Special Education 1 mmakhlyagina@rainierprep.org 723
Masla John 7th Grade ELA 14 jmasla@rainierprep.org 724

8th Grade

Role Rm # E-Mail Extension
Bassong Sam 8th Grade Science 13 sbassong@rainierprep.org 712
Larson Shauna School Social Worker P2 slarson@rainierprep.org 717
Lige Shakari 8th grade ELA P2 slige@rainierprep.org 734
Moe Shannon Dean of College Success P1 smoe@rainierprep.org 708
Robbins Allison 6th and 8th grade Social Studies 12 arobbins@rainierprep.org 706
White Nora 8th Grade Math P1 nwhite@rainierprep.org 720

Harlow’s Dispatch: 253-939-7700
External Vendors

To receive notifications of updated bus pickup/drop off times, please text 84483 with your student’s route:
Route1, Route2, Route3, or Route4. (Note: no space between Route and number)