Karen Lobos
Executive Director

Karen Lobos is excited to give back to the community in which she grew up and to share the unique educational opportunities Rainier Prep has to offer with prospective families.  As a Cohort II Alumna of Rainier Scholars, a First-Generation graduate of Scripps College, and daughter of Latino immigrants, Ms. Lobos understands first-hand the impact a supportive yet challenging academic community can have in the lives of students who face a number of barriers to achieving higher education. The most inspiring part of her job is working alongside families and teachers to support students in their academic journeys.  

When not working, she likes spending time with family or in nature.  She would like to learn more languages! 

Karen attended Scripps College (BA) and the University of Washington (MPA).

Morgan Fernandez

Morgan Fernandez works at Rainier Prep to be a part of a different option for students and families that provides a supportive and rigorous learning environment based on our community’s needs.  The most inspiring part of her job is seeing the small light bulbs of learning that take place each day for each student, and bearing witness to major growth in students over time here. When not working, she enjoys teaching her dog new tricks, cooking, and reading mystery novels.

She grew up in Portland, OR, although her favorite place that she’s lived is Cape Town, South Africa.  She began her career teaching 3rd and 4th grade in DC, and then moved to Seattle as Rainier Prep’s founding 5th grade math teacher.  She would like to learn how to speak Spanish to communicate with more families at school as well as with her husband’s family.

Morgan attended Colgate University (BA), Trinity University (MA), and Seattle University (SpEd endorsement).  

Kamille Dye
Director of Finance and Operations

Kamille Dye works at Rainier Prep because "this school makes a difference in the lives of people in my community.”  She is inspired by watching future generations find out how to claim their place as leaders in their communities through education. When not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends (usually around a good meal), spending time in her home state (Montana), and advocating for wider inclusion of all people in our communities and school systems.  

Previously, she worked in early education, on political campaigns, and was a founding staff member at Rainier Prep (along with helping to start our drama program).  She is continually trying to learn how to best help others reach their goals and claim their own pathways in life.  Someday, she would love to learn to bake strawberry rhubarb pie and oatmeal raisin cookies as perfectly as her grandmother.

Kamille attended University of Montana (BA). 

Gisela Mella
Operations Manager

Gisela Mella was born and raised in West Seattle/White Center. She works at Rainier Prep to give back to the community she grew up in. Being a daughter of Mexican immigrant parents she understands firsthand the barriers and challenges parents encounter. The most inspiring part of her job is helping parents and eliminating language barriers so that they can be part of their student's education.  Creating strong bonds with students and striving daily to help and make an impact on tomorrow's leaders!

When not working, she likes traveling, photography, spending time with loved ones, and exploring Seattle. She has traveled to Chile and Cuba for service trips, and she would like to learn how to speak multiple languages.  

Gisela has multiple years of office management and has been a part of Rainier Prep's Operation Team since 2016.

Kowsar Hassan
Family Engagement Manager

Kowsar Hassan works at Rainier Prep because it's a school that holds every student to high expectations academically, and it prepares a diverse background of students for a path to higher education.  “As a first-generation college student, I understand the barriers students face, and I’m excited to give back to my community.”  The most inspiring part of her job is creating a collaborative environment between teachers, families, and students and eliminating language barriers so parents can be involved in all aspects of their children's education.  When not working, she likes spending time with family, reading books, and exploring the outdoors with her sisters.  

Previously, Kowsar interned for Communities in Schools as as case manager with students.  She is starting to learn how to speak Arabic. She has lived in Kenya and migrated to this country 10 years ago.

Kowsar attended the University of Washington-Tacoma (BS).

Alondra Gonzalez Orozco
Operations Coordinator

Alondra Gonzalez Orozco works at Rainier Prep for the opportunity to be more hands-on and to give students the support they need.  She is inspired by helping to see the positive results coming from the work she and the students do together.  When not working, she enjoys watching crime shows on Netflix, playing soccer, and exploring outdoors.  She values quality time with the people that mean the most to her.

Previously, Alondra worked in environments where she was able to meet and communicate with diverse backgrounds.  She would like to learn how to bake.  She attended the University of Washington (BS).  

Kaici Aloupis
6th Grade Math Teacher

Kaici Aloupis works at Rainier Prep because she believes in the power of youth as catalysts for change-making legacies.  She is inspired by students, students, students!  When not working, she enjoys spending time in the outdoors with her dogs and friends, completing jigsaw puzzles, and experimenting in the kitchen with plant-based recipes.

Previously, Kaici served with City Year Seattle/King County as a student success coach for high school math students. She would like to learn how to professionally chop vegetables to level-up her cooking game.  Fun math fact: she has lived in 3/4 corners of the continental states: Maine, Florida, Washington.   

Kaici attended the University of Miami (BS).

Seth Armenta
7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Seth Armenta works at Rainier Prep because he values its emphasis on community building and outreach. It is important to him that students can feel like this is their home.  “Rainier Prep is a place that encourages all of us to reach our highest potential beyond middle school, and I believe the only way we can do this is by starting with a feeling of belonging.”  The most inspiring part of his job is meeting future leaders -- of our government, in health care, in education, and in their communities.  When not working, and after having lived in Colorado his whole life, Seth loves to be outside in nature -- whether short day hikes with friends and family, or overnight backpacking trips in the woods. 

Previously, Seth student-taught a semester of 9th and 10th grade at his home high school, Bear Creek High School. He would like to learn how to fly an airplane, alongside with perfecting his Spanish fluency.  He has studied abroad in Seville, Spain for one semester but Portugal was his absolute favorite!

Seth attended Regis University (BA).

Michael Augustine
5th and 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Michael Augustine works at Rainier Prep because “I am dedicated to building relationships with our students and reaffirming the strengths and joy they have as middle schoolers.”  Aside from joining pick-up basketball on occasion during recess, he is inspired by seeing students present in class or at school-wide community meetings. When not working, he enjoys cooking, hiking, drinking coffee, and writing.  

Previously, Michael worked with young people in the context of writing tutoring, voter registration, and teaching English as a foreign language.   He would like to learn to speak conversational Vietnamese. He spent a year after college living and teaching in Viet Nam's Mekong Delta, which allowed him to deeply explore the country and even get out and visit places like Laos, Hong Kong, and Thailand. 

Michael attended Whitman College (BA).

Jess Barrett
Database and Technology Manager

Jess Barrett works at Rainier Prep so that they can provide technical knowledge and support in a way that matters.  They love meeting so many people who are passionate about education and learning. When not working, Jess enjoys storytelling through tabletop roleplaying games, reading, and writing; designing STEM projects; learning new things by reading thrifted textbooks; baking and cooking; and watching videos about chemistry since they don't have the safety equipment to try it at home.

Previously, Jess worked for a print shop for a long time, and learned a lot about communicating difficult ideas between people through print, email, and in speech.  They would like to learn magic! One of their favorite places is in Bend, Oregon, where there are so many interesting people to talk to and cool small businesses to visit.

Jess attended the University of Washington at Bothell (BS).

Rachel Berner-Hays
6th and 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Rachel Berner-Hays is excited to work at Rainier Prep “where we see value in our students and their communities and work to empower young leaders.” She is inspired when students take ownership of their education and are able to advocate for what they need and want.  When not working, she enjoys cooking and eating yummy food with family and friends, as well as being on or near water.  

Previously, Rachel served as an AmeriCorps College Coach with College Access Now for two years, working with 11th and 12th grade students at Nathan Hale High School.  She would like to learn to speak and understand lots of languages!  

Rachel attended Scripps College (BA) and the University of Washington (MA).

Quierra Bradford
Learning Specialist

Quierra Bradford works at Rainier Prep because she believes in our mission and values!  “I admire that Rainier Prep invests in students’ futures and creates opportunities for students to explore and grow in their own community.”   She is inspired by the relationship-building that happens here, the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of others, and soaking in the life lessons that others share.  When not working, she enjoys spending time with family and writing poetry. 

Previously, Quierra served as an Education Specialist for an Americorps program in Atlanta, GA.  She returned to WA in 2019 where she began working in SPS Charter schools supporting in Special Education. Quierra would like to learn how to play a saxophone.  She is from Seattle, but spent  7 years in the south in Florida, Virginia, and Georgia.  Her favorite place she’s lived has been Atlanta, GA.  

Quierra attended Pensacola State College (AA) and Hampton University (BA). 

Elizabeth Erickson
Special Education Teacher

Elizabeth Erickson works at Rainier Prep because of the intentional ways that Rainier Prep builds relationships with students in order to propel student learning.  She is inspired the most when students are able to take charge of their learning and become advocates for themselves and others.  When not working, her favorite thing to do is spend time on the beach -- watching a sunset with a snack is the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience for her.  

Previously, Elizabeth spent 10 years working for San Lorenzo School District in California, 7 years as a Resource Teacher, and 3 years as a Teacher on Special Assignment supporting new Special Education teachers.  She would like to learn how to surf -- she has experienced it once but it would be fun to make it a hobby!  She has lived in California for all of her life until just this year.   

Elizabeth attended Ohlone Community College (AA), Cal State East Bay (BA), and The University of San Francisco (MA).

Dinorah Flores
Learning Specialist + EL Content Lead

Dinorah Flores works at Rainier Prep to create sustainable change that will impact our communities in a positive way: “My core values align with the vision of Rainier Prep to prepare a path for students to access higher education and become leaders in their communities.”  She is inspired getting to know the families that make up our school, since everyone brings something unique that adds to our community in enriching ways. When not working, she enjoys reading, writing poetry, daydreaming, exploring different parks in her neighborhood, and talking with people about interesting or funny topics.

She previously lived in Navajo, NM, where she taught an amazing group of 2nd grade kids.  She has also done community advocacy work in South Seattle.

Dinorah attended University of Washington (BA) and the University of New Mexico for graduate coursework.

Joseph Froehlich
Physical Education Teacher

Joseph Froehlich works at Rainier Prep because of the good energy from both students and staff.  The chance to support and teach in such a welcoming environment was one he could not pass up. He is inspired by seeing young students engaging and learning with each other, and watching them grow to understand that they have the abilities to succeed: “This is what inspires me to provide the best experience I can.”  When not working, he enjoys exploring art.  

Previously, Joseph has worked in youth development in both athletic and educational settings for over a decade.  He has always wanted to learn how to backflip like Nani. He has spent time in his home country of Paraguay, and plans to return as soon as possible. 

Joseph attended Beloit College (BS).  

Jarod Gallardo
Finance Officer

Jarod works at Rainier Prep because of the mission of the school and what it stands for. Also, for the collaborative teamwork and how Rainier Prep operates. The most inspiring part of his job is working towards the mission of the school.

Before joining Rainier Prep Jarod worked as an experienced Human Resources & Payroll professional.

If Jarod could learn how to do anything he would learn how to play the piano. When he is not working he enjoys fitness and anything PC related.

Jarid attended Highline College, Central Washington University.

Renn Gutierrez
5th Grade Math Teacher

Renn Gutierrez chooses to work at Rainier Prep because he believes that we are changing outcomes for students in south King County: “Our students are expected to work hard, and the rigor that we set is pretty challenging for a lot of students to meet.  However, because of the way we hold kids accountable, they are consistently encouraged to rise to high standards.” The most inspiring part of his job is having students start the year not enjoying math, and ending the year excited to learn more about math in 6th grade.  

Previously, he served with City Year Seattle/King County as an AmeriCorps member and as a Program Manager.  His number one goal in life is to beat Indika Ekanayake at ping pong.  

Renn attended UCLA (BA) and UW (MIT).  

Vanessa Harvey
Student Support Specialist

Vanessa Harvey works at Rainier Prep because of the impact and resources the school has provided to the community and students. “Rainier Prep believes in their students' potential, and gives them the space for holistic development and to foster meaningful relationships.”  She is inspired by the smiles and joy her students experience as they conquer, understand, and apply the challenging coursework they encounter -- as well as building relationships with her students as their cheerleader, catalyst and connector.  When not working, she enjoys hanging out with her pets Tyger and Squid, hanging out on the beach, taking art classes, and baking lots of desserts! 

Previously, Vanessa worked as philanthropy chair for her sorority (Kappa Kappa Gamma) to raise money for non-profits like Reading is Fundamental, Ryan House, and Broadview Shelter.  She would like to learn how to fly a plane!  She has lived in Arizona most her life, and studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain for a summer. 

Vanessa attended Arizona State University (BA, BS) and is currently attending the UACT program at University of Washington.

Scott Hicke
Director of Development

Scott Hicke works at Rainier Prep because he enjoys starting new initiatives and collaborating with smart, dedicated change-agents for meaningful social justice.  He is inspired by how the staff, students, and families have created a community school where the emphasis on building students’ confident, powerful voices is so strong.  When not working, he loves hiking and exploring mountains, listening to KEXP, and following through on book recommendations.

Previously, he has taught neuroscience, evolution, and aerospace science in DC and Seattle, and he has also worked as a musician, ghostwriter, and curriculum developer when not traveling.  He would like to learn how to fly a plane and skydive.

Scott attended Saint Joseph's University (BS), Duke University (MTS), and Fordham University (MA).

Vanessa Howard
6th Grade Science Teacher

Vanessa Howard works at Rainier Prep because “I want to be part of a team that is committed to building genuine relationships and bringing exciting STEM opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds.”  She is inspired by watching students grow through challenging and complex areas of learning.  When not working, she enjoys listening to music, jumping rope, and making treats with her daughter.

Previously, Vanessa conducted and presented engineering lab research, participated in STEM outreach, and worked in an engineering charter school in Boise, ID.  She would like to learn how to speak another language and play the piano.   She grew up in Idaho, lived in both Oklahoma and Kansas, and recently settled in the great state of Washington. 

Vanessa attended the University of Oklahoma (BS) and Boise State University (3 years of coursework in Biomedical Engineering), and currently attends the University of Washington (MiT).

Andrea Hurtado
Student Support Specialist

Andrea Hurtado works at Rainier Prep because of the strong sense of community and the dedication to providing all students with equal access to opportunity.  “There is a collective passion for fostering a space where students can learn and grow to be self-advocates and leaders in our society.”  She is inspired by being able to walk alongside students as they grow and develop into their most authentic selves.  When not working, she enjoys hiking, photography, painting, and spontaneous adventures! 

Previously, Andrea worked as a caregiver for adults in an assisted living facility and spent the last two years as a special education teacher in San Antonio, TX.   She has taken one sign language course and would love to continue her learning.  She was born and raised in Pasadena, lived in Spokane for 4 years, lived and worked in San Antonio for 2 years, and travels to Guadalajara, MX every Christmas to visit family.

Andrea attended Gonzaga University (BS). 

Erin Jedlicka
7th Grade Science Teacher

Erin Jedlicka works at Rainier Prep because she believes in supporting environments that strive for equity and access, especially in STEM education. She loves learning with and from students as they bring their own voices and experiences into the classroom. Erin is excited to work with an organization that values and encourages identity and authenticity in the classroom. The most inspiring part of her job is watching students grow and discover more about themselves as they learn about the world around them.

Previously she has worked as a teacher and tutor with UW STEMsubs, which works with potential first-generation college students during their rising junior and senior year of high school to help them navigate college applications, expectations, and financial aid. When not working Erin enjoys paddleboarding, hiking, and spending time with her family.  If she could learn to do anything she would learn to speak another language. During her time in the Navy, Erin was able to explore parts of Egypt, Bahrain,  and Japan.

Erin Jedlicka attended the United States Naval Academy, University of Washington (BS, PhD)

Maria Juarez
Food Service Coordinator

Maria Juarez works at Rainier Prep because she likes the cultural diversity and the great opportunity that is offered to each student.  She is inspired by how each student receives adequate food, and that they feel happy when taking their food.  Maria coordinates parents and volunteers to help with food prep, service, and clean-up, bringing even more attention and joy to the students' time away from their academic classes.  When not working, she loves spending time with her family (including one of our alums from the Class of 2019), especially walking, playing cards, or going shopping.  

Previously, Maria worked in restaurant service.  She would like to learn to play the guitar and the piano. 

Lynnie Kehoe
5th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Lynnie Kehoe works at Rainier Prep because of the value of rigor and high academic standards:  “Teaching at Rainier Prep also allows me to create my own curriculum to meet the unique needs of my students, and to practice teaching methods that I believe are best for young learners.”  She is inspired whenever her students are engaged in a thoughtful, lively discussion, and witnessing their thought processes in real time. She found her passion for teaching reading, writing, and children's literature when she managed a reading tutoring center for elementary students. 

When not working, she likes reading, watching TV, hiking, kayaking, and spending time with her dog, cat, friends, and family.  She is originally from New York State, and has driven coast to coast a total of five times!  Someday, she would like to visit all 50 states, and is about halfway there.  

Lynnie attended Allegheny College (BS) and University of Pennsylvania (M.S.Ed.).  

Shauna Larson
School Social Worker

Shauna Larson works at Rainier Prep so that she can be part of a closely-knit, community-based option to traditional public education.  “The most inspiring part of being at Rainier Prep is the trust and teamwork developed between the school, families, and students, and being able to support all learners as they achieve their social and scholarly goals.”  When not working, she likes going to movies, spending time with family, and watching Seattle sports teams.

Previously, Ms. Larson worked in the office of Diversity and Community and in Global Programs at a local independent school.  Ms. Larson is thrilled to be part of the dynamic learning community at Rainier Prep!

Shauna attended Scripps College (BA) and the University of Washington (MSW).  

Emma Macgill Esselstyn
8th ELA Associate Teacher

Emma  works at Rainier Prep because of their "why." She aligns with their anti-racist values and wants to be a part of the environment Rainier Prep cultivates, specifically through college preparation and educational equity. The most inspiring part of her job is seeing kids develop the responsibility and skills that serve them as they transition into young adulthood.

Previously she worked developing academic and emotional skills with kids and young adults through tutoring and babysitting. She also worked in East Africa for 3 months as a community organizing intern, living in Molo, Kenya, and traveling to Dar es Salaam and Moshi in Tanzania. When not working Emma enjoys reading 20th-century fiction and going to Richmond Beach Park to catch some sun rays and sunsets

Emma believes that you can learn anything if you put your mind to it! One thing she would want to learn is how to do karate.

Emma is a proud dawg that attended University of Washington (BA) and is currently attending Arizona State University (M.Ed. in progress).

Heather McKey
English Language Coordinator

Heather McKey works at Rainier Prep because “I want to work at a school with a strong mission that ties to social justice.”  The most inspiring part of her job is that the teachers she supports are fantastic educators. When not working, she enjoys time with her children exploring local parks, rivers, beaches, and mountains. 

She previously lived in VeraCruz, Mexico on a Fulbright Teacher Exchange.  Heather taught middle school English in Prague, Czech Republic, as well as English Language Learners in public and private schools in the Seattle area and in several foreign countries.

Heather attended Princeton University (BA).   

Shannon Moe
Dean of College Success

Shannon Smith Moe loves working at Rainier Prep because “I collaborate daily with a community of talented educators in our shared goal of improving our craft and offering the best education possible to our students.  Our flexibility as a small charter school allows us to work closely with families to quickly adapt to the ever-changing strengths and needs of our students.” The most inspiring part of her job is watching our students develop a strong sense of agency and seeing the meaningful leadership roles they take on in their community and high schools.  

When not working, she likes traveling, relaxing, or exploring the outdoors with her young son and husband.  Before joining Rainier Prep, Shannon served 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, South America and 6 years teaching Biology and AVID at Federal Way High School.  She would like to learn how to play the violin!

Shannon attended University of Washington (BS, BA) and Harvard (M.Ed.).

Michael Moya
7th Grade Math Teacher

Michael Moya works at Rainier Prep because he wants to make a positive impact on the lives and futures of tomorrow's leaders. The most inspiring part of his job is being a positive influence.

Before joining Rainier Prep  Michael worked in the classroom for four years in Florida and served as a college advisor. When not working he enjoys playing sports. If he could learn how to do anything he would learn to sing like a pro! Michael has coached college soccer and has worked with athletes from the youth level to the professional level.

Michael Moya attended Coker University (BA, MS)

Shakari Ogletree
8th Grade Language Arts Teacher + ELA Content Lead

Shakari Ogletree works at Rainier Prep because “Rainier Prep believes that even as a middle school, students should be preparing and thinking about college.  For this reason, I immediately knew Rainier Prep was the perfect fit for me!”  The most inspiring part of her job is witnessing the growth and changes that students make over the course of a school year.

In addition to her love for English, Shakari has also taught middle school science. When not working, she likes watching Netflix and trying different restaurants. She would like to learn how to start a garden at home. 

Shakari attended Bowling Green State University (BS, M.Ed.).

Allison Robbins
Dean of Humanities

Allison Robbins works at Rainier Prep because of our commitment to meeting the needs of each individual student and family, and the collaborative spirit in pursuit of educational equity and opportunity.  The most inspiring part of her job is the mindfulness, drive, and enthusiasm of our students and families. When not working, she likes running, trying out new restaurants, time with friends and family, and watching old movies.  

She has lived in Brooklyn, NY; Charlotte, NC; Los Angeles, CA; and Park City, UT.  Previously, she taught Social Studies and English-Language Arts at the middle school level in Charlotte and Brooklyn.  She would like to learn how to fold a fitted sheet properly.

Allison attended University of Southern California (BA) and the Relay Graduate School of Education (MA).    

Stacey Tiffany-Diaz
5th Grade Science Teacher

Stacey Tiffany-Diaz works at Rainier Prep because she is impressed by Rainier Prep's commitment to social justice and equity.  She is inspired by seeing students grow and deepen their understanding of the world.  When not working, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, and anything outdoors.  

Stacey has been a middle school teacher for 16 years in California before returning home and joining Rainier Prep.  She would love to learn to hang glide, paraglide, or surf -- and has always been fascinated by these activities.  She has lived in San Francisco (a beautiful city) and really enjoyed visiting Washington, DC (also amazing and full of history!). 

Stacey attended San Francisco State University (BA, MA).

Sarah Wheeler
Physical Education Teacher

Sarah Wheeler works at Rainier Prep because she loves the educational culture here. The most inspiring part of her job is working with students, families, and staff. When not working she loves traveling, getting outdoors, playing tennis, reading, and hanging out with friends.  

Before working at Rainier Prep, Sarah was an Education Coordinator and Instructor at a non-profit organization in Seattle. She has also coached soccer, skateboarding, and sailing. "Being outdoors and being active brings me joy. Learning and practicing new skills alongside others is one of the many reasons I love my job so much."  

Sarah attended Cuesta College (AS), the University of California, Santa Cruz (BA), and the University of Washington, Seattle (MIT). 

Tim Tran
Dean of STEM

Tim Tran is excited to move back to the Pacific Northwest where he grew up to work at Rainier Prep.  He is a proud Vietnamese American and loved growing up with his huge Vietnamese family, including over 30 cousins.  Tim loves working with students and helping them grow and experience success.  When not working, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring the outdoors, and traveling to new places.  

Previously, Tim spent the last 10 years as a secondary math instructor and Dean of Students at YES Prep Southwest in Houston, Texas.  He would like to learn to be fluent in more languages.  He was born in Texas, was raised in Seattle, moved back to Texas after college, and is now returning to his Seattle roots.

Tim attended University of Washington-Seattle (BA) and Rice University (MBA). 


Tina Trinh
Student Support Specialist

Tina Trinh works at Rainier Prep because of the strong vision for educational equity as a means of liberation.  They are inspired by working in mission-aligned partnerships to support our student leaders in learning the skills to enact the change they want to see in their communities.  When not working, she is coddling her cats, playing Nancy Drew or Tetris, and trying new recipes from TikTok. 

While in high school, Tina began mentoring and tutoring future first-generation college students with college readiness in mind, and then they carried this work into college, where they worked with the Dream Project, Mentor Power for Success, and the Together Program.  She would like to learn how to keep her plants alive.  They are a proud Washingtonian -- born and raised in Bellingham and moved far enough away that they could move out (but still see family) for college in Seattle. 

Tina attended the University of Washington-Seattle (BS).


Annika van Leynseele
8th Grade Science Teacher / Student Support

Annika van Leynseele works at Rainier Prep because it is a school where students and families are valued as individuals with valuable skills, knowledge, and expertise. She wholeheartedly shares Rainier Prep's values of academic excellence, collaboration, and curiosity, and feels honored to be a part of this community.  She is inspired by her students, and cherishes the relationships with her students individually and as a community.  “I learn so much from my students every day. Their energy and authenticity keeps me showing up!”  When not working, she enjoys cooking for her partner, friends, and family, and snuggling with her very large, very fluffy orange cat, Franklin.

Previously, Annika completed a six-month culinary program and worked as a cook at a restaurant in Napa, CA. In 2018, she moved home to Seattle and worked for a local nonprofit teaching cooking and nutrition classes for folks living on a limited income.  This job is where she fell in love with teaching! 

Annika attended Santa Clara University (BS) and the University of Washington (MA).

Nora White
8th Grade Math Teacher + Math Content Lead

Nora White works at Rainier Prep because growth made in middle school can have a huge impact on outcomes.  In her previous work with high school students, she saw students build their success on a strong foundation from middle school.   She is constantly inspired by the dedication of both students and staff to the ability to grow and improve:  “Just because something isn't working for you one day, it won’t be that way forever. Just because you're doing something well, does not mean you can't make it better. I love working at a place where everyone is seeking to improve themselves.”  

She previously spent a semester studying mathematics while living in Budapest, Hungary.   As an AmeriCorps Member, she worked with students at Como Park Senior High in St. Paul, MN on college and scholarship applications.  

Nora attended Carleton College (BA) and the University of Washington (M.Ed.).  

Anna Casey
School Psychologist

Anna Casey works at Rainier Prep because teachers, administrators, and all staff embody the persona of the “warm demander,” an adult who develops strong relationships with each student while holding them to high expectations.  The most inspiring part of her job is seeing student growth and celebrating with students and families as they meet their goals. When not working, she enjoys reading, walking around Green Lake, and playing video games.

She grew up on the foggy coast of California, in a little town with the world’s only Taco Bell that’s right on the beach.  Previously, she was a Licensed Nuclear Reactor Operator. She would like to learn enough Spanish to present assessment results to Spanish-speaking parents.

Anna attended Reed College (BA) and UC Berkeley (PhD).